Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Prayer Request

Please keep my mother, Marie, in your prayers. She fell and injured her hip; had a hip-socket replacement Monday, and all seemed to be going well. This morning, however, she's in intensive care with atrial fibrillation -- a racing heart rate. It's one of the health problems that she's had the last few years, along with the advancing dementia, and it's life-threatening. There's also the possibility of a blood clot or stroke as a post-surgery complication.



UPDATE 5 p.m. - Good news:

The ICU nurse said Mom's heart rate has come way down, and she's doing "fine," but Mom will remain in ICU.

Friday, jan. 12

Update: Mom's out of ICU and back into a regular hospital bed.


pisco sours said...

You bet your bippy I'll pray for her.

Uhhhh, what's a bippy, anyway/

Saint Pat said...

I dunno, Pisco, but thanks for your prayers!