Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy anniversary, Caminante!

Caminante is celebrating the 13th anniversary of her ordination. Congratulations, gal!

And since you have no comments section on your blog to tell you this, I'm posting it here. And I'm lifting the poem, the one you've been saying for 13 years, because it's so terrific:

The day you were called
to break bread for a living
was the day you were called
to be broken.

The days you spend
bending over bread
are spent
bent around a mystery of fraction.

If you are indeed broken,
you need to gather up
each other's fragments gently,
and remember how,
again through you,
God feeds so many
with so little.

(author unknown)

Always remember the mystery. Here's to the next baker's dozen of years!


Caminante said...

Thanks so much. I have long said that a priest is nothing without the people (as I did on my blog). I am a bit teary for folks I know only virtually for praying on my anniversary. It is important and it does matter. Thanks again so much. It means a lot.

Saint Pat said...

My honor, Cammi. God bless you in your ministry.

Eileen said...

Here, here Pat! Wonderfully sweet of you to do that! ((((Pat)))

Congrats to you again, Caminante! I appreciate the thoughts on your blog, and you know I've lifted stuff from you as well!