Saturday, January 13, 2007

Adios, muchachos ...

Simon Sarmiento has a post over at Thinking Anglicans that adds to the evidence the Anglican Communion is already splitting in two. He quotes from announcements of 93 Nigerian bishops who just met for an annual retreat:

Lambeth 2008

We stand by our earlier endorsement of the recommendations of the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa (CAPA) document: “The Road to Lambeth” and maintain the posture that we cannot claim to share fellowship with member-Provinces that denigrate the authority of Scripture on the life of the Church. Our participation in this worldwide fellowship is contingent on genuine repentance by those who have chosen to walk away, for two cannot walk together except they are in agreement. Christian unity must be anchored on Biblical truth.

Well, my Nigerian brothers, it's difficult to walk with someone who swings a baseball bat at me for expressing thoughts that go against your "convictions" (feel free to read that as "prejudices.")

It's odd -- I can see two friends walking down the road together, then sitting at a café together. They're talking, discussing, arguing, and breaking bread together.

But your hot-button "convictions" are too powerful to allow you to hear anything that contradicts them. So you accuse your friend of walking apart, as you make a sharp turn to the right. Besides, you see opportunities to take over this now unworthy friend's home and acquaintances. You want to be unyoked from him, disavow him to yourself and others, and justify your actions.

Go in peace, then, bubbas.

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