Wednesday, January 24, 2007

From St. Pat's bad joke files

Here's a joke I've been longing to tell:

"You know how President Bush likes those photo ops of him clearin' brush with the ranch hands or hangin' out at the ranch in a cowboy hat and shirt."


"Yup. The truth is, he's terrible scairt of horses. That's why you never see him ridin' a horse."

"Well, if that don't get all."

"Yup. Cowboy? Why, the closest that man ever got to the back of a horse was openin' a can of Alpo."

(St. Pat rolls on floor, laughing her patootie off. Well, it's late, and she's a little punchy. Plus, she lived in Texas when she was a child, and rode horses. She can't help it.)

Bush hoofs it. It's a long ride across Texas, without a horse.


Anonymous said...

That's bad, really bad.


MadPriest said...

Yeah, very good but can we have some more of the naked St. Mag, please?

Anonymous said...

It's so bad it's funny.