Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A quiet evening at home

A dark, rainy Saturday night, and rather chilly for Florida. The saintly household hunkers in for the evening, watching an old movie on TV. Elvis (the big black-and-white Lover Boy) and Betsy (the BEST Dog in The Whole World) take the sofa, but quickly get bored with the spy movie.

"I think I'll nap on the floor for a while," Betsy says.

"Me, too," Elvis says.

Uh-oh. Here comes trouble: Jack the Brat cat.

A cat rumble! One way to pass a dull Saturday night.

"Good grief," Betsy says.


Padre Mickey said...

Great sequence of photos! However, them cats sure is lazy; they can't even stand up to fight!
I like Betsy's final statement.

Saint Pat said...

To be fair, the cats were on their feet -- at times -- jumping on each other, but I thought the laying there and kicking each other was funny!

Ann said...

Wow- your cats look just like our 2 - Bearcat and Ms Kitty. Ms Kitty is the tuxedo cat but she only has 3 legs - must be something in the moon as our are racing around attacing each other.

Dennis said...

cute kids you got there