Friday, March 23, 2007

Brother Causticus to the rescue

While some of have been busy uttering sage words such as "So there!" to poor +++Rowan Cantaur the past few days, the venerable Brother Causticus at Titusoneten has been working furiously behind the scenes to save the Anglican Communion.

His latest quixotic endeavor is here:

Note: double-click on image to enlarge it.

Save the Anglican Communion! Or, at least have a good food fight with the ECW's tea and pastries!

Place your bid now!

Thank you, Brother Causticus.


Caminante said...

So, who made Bro C take it down and when did it disappear? Last I looked last night, it was up to $630 or so. But it is gone. Obviously SOMEONE didn't think it was funny or appropriate. Killjoy.

Saint Pat said...

Hmm. I pulled it up before church this morning, and it was showing $455 in bids.


Saint Pat said...