Friday, March 30, 2007

More sour grapes

Hot off the presses from the Central Florida Chapter of the AAC, more petulance from the Standing Comittee of the Diocese of Central Florida. Still no names affixed. The diocesan board apparently wasn't involved in this second missive.

The parties responsible for this are in an awfully snarky mood about the House of Bishops.

I'm trying to resist snarkiness over passages such as describing the House of Bishops' determination to decide matters at General Convention: "We find this arrogance unacceptable and embarrassing."

And, keeping up the good Network-speak of accusing the Episcopal Church of "walking apart," they're willing, as good Network workers, to be recognized as the legitimate voice of Anglicanism in North America.

But they will do it ever so humbly, "in the spirit of humility."

Ptttthummmphh! (spewing coffee)

No comment seen anywhere from Bp. Howe on this or earlier letter.

Here's the missive, if you care to read it.

March 30, 2007

Statement of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Central Florida Regarding the House of Bishop’s Response to the Dar es Salaam Communique

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Central Florida has received the House of Bishop’s statement regarding their March meeting at Camp Allen, Texas. We are discouraged by the tone and the content of their report and disagree with its conclusions and recommendations.

The Bishops dismissed the possibility of acceding to the unanimous request of the Primates to establish a Pastoral Council with a Primatial Vicar as incompatible with the polity and canons of The Episcopal Church. By doing this they have, in our view, and despite their protestations to the contrary, made a choice to walk apart from the Anglican Communion.

Additionally, they passed a resolution which declares that the meaning of the preamble to the Constitution of the Episcopal Church is determined solely by The General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Through this resolution they are setting The General Convention up as the sole arbiter of what it means to be a constituent member of the Anglican Communion. In other words, they want to be part of the Anglican family, but only on their own terms. We find this arrogance unacceptable and embarrassing.

In the days ahead we, as a Network and Windsor Diocese, will work with the leaders of the Communion and other Communion faithful Dioceses as cooperatively and effectively as possible. Now that the House of Bishops has made it clear that they do not wish to do what is necessary to remain in communion with the rest of the Anglican Communion, we believe it necessary to follow the Primates as they provide a way forward. We believe what is needed is full cooperation with the direction set by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primates as it relates to the future of the Episcopal Church.

We call upon all faithful Bishops committed to the Camp Allen Principles listed in the Dar es Salaam Communiqué to publicly recommit themselves to these principles in order to guard their individual diocese’s commitment to the Episcopal Church’s constitution. We urge them to guard the unity of the Communion by moving forward with the schedule charted in the Communiqué by nominating a Primatial Vicar to work with the Pastoral Council. We believe these actions will insure our various dioceses and parishes continuance with the Catholic and Evangelical witness of the Anglican Communion which the office of Bishop is called to protect.

If the Anglican Communion declares that The Episcopal Church has decided to "walk apart" and is no longer recognized as the legitimate expression of Anglicanism in America, we request that the Communion would continue to recognize as constituent members of the Anglican Communion those faithful dioceses and parishes who have committed to maintain our own constitutional commitment to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Communion.

We make this request in the spirit of humility and mutual submission to the Bonds of affection that strengthen our Communion. As the Standing Committee of this Diocese, we would be honored and grateful to God and to our brothers in sisters in Christ around the Communion for your consideration of our request for full constituent member status in the Anglican Communion.

There will undoubtedly be difficult days ahead, but working together and trusting in God's gracious mercy, we believe that righteousness and justice will prevail and the Episcopal Church will be restored.


PseudoPiskie said...

Perhaps God's righteousness and justice will indeed restore TEC but not in the way these would-be gods expect? And perhaps Howe isn't turning out to be the rebel they expected?

I was in "central Florida" (north of Orlando) last week. All the people I met watch Fox TV only and can't understand why some people don't like Bush. Do people leave their brains in the north or have they spent too much time in the sun?

Prayers ascending for patience for you, Pat, and revelation for the others.

Saint Pat said...

Yup, Piskie, you came, you saw Central Florida, you understood.

You should have seen the hate mail I got for writing an editorial suggesting Jesus is not a Republican! And global warming is just a liberal myth to many around here. It's the Fox-Bush line in churches around here.

Like you, I expect God to restore TEC, but not in the way the self-righteous right expect.

Saint Pat said...

Somebody asked me what Bush ever did to make me so mad at him.

I answered, "Invade Iraq."

Padre Mickey said...

God is a Republican, but God's son is a Democrat. It happens in the best of families.

And how do we know Jesus is a Democrat?
Well, as we will remember tomorrow, he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, not an elephant.

Caminante said...

Isn't there some way you can find out the names of the Standing Committee?? It's pretty weird that they would not sign their names, nor are they on the diocesan web site. Says far more about them than I think they would think. Sad.