Wednesday, March 14, 2007

He's an optimist

Episcopal bishop has faith that controversy won't split church

The Rev. Don Taylor of the Episcopal Diocese of New York signs prayer books yesterday during his visit to St. James Episcopal Church in Goshen. Taylor doesn’t believe that the controversy between Episcopalians and the Anglican Church will result in a split.

By John Sullivan

Times Herald-Record
March 12, 2007

Goshen — Episcopalians should relax.

They need not worry about a break with their Anglican brethren, said the Rev. Don Taylor, bishop vicar of the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

Taylor said he had faith that American Episcopalians could reconcile gay and lesbian issues that threaten to split them from the larger Anglican body. As in all democratic decision-making processes, differences of opinion can look like division instead of a process toward consensus, he said.

"The (Episcopal Church) is not in a position of kicking people out, it's in a position of reconciliation," said Taylor, one of New York's highest-ranking Episcopal officials.

Taylor's visit yesterday to St. James Episcopal Church in Goshen gave him, as well as local parishioners, a chance to chime in on the controversy.

"There was a time when I couldn't be a bishop in New York, because I was black," said Taylor, whose native country is Jamaica. "But times have changed, because we have allowed people to change and to reach their own conclusions."

Like a majority of New York diocese members, most parishioners supported their leadership's emphasis on inclusion and social justice ...

I hope the Rev. Taylor is right.

A hopeful sign here: Would-be Primate Duncan's missive doesn't seem to be getting play.

Another hopeful sign here: our new interim rector is fairly liberal -- see Campolo quote in last posting. He preaches a good sermon, and seems to be a very nice man, too.

I wonder if we can get this diocese to emphasize inclusion and social justice.


Grandmère Mimi said...

I hope Bishop Taylor is right, too. I suppose we should be more hopeful.

Saint Pat said...

I'd like to be more hopeful. Somehow I'm not, though, about this diocese.


Eileen said...

I used to live about 1/2 hr from Goshen, in a tiny village called Salibury Mills.

Sometimes, I miss downstate upstate NY. Sigh.

Paul (A.) said...

My parish came within a hair's-breadth of calling Don Taylor to be our rector, only to have him snatched away to become Missionary Bishop of the Virgin Islands.

But we survived well on our "second choice", since retired, and are blossoming under her successor.