Thursday, March 22, 2007

Your help is requested

Calling all liberal Connecticut people!

Here's a request from advice I'm hoping you can help with. It comes from the "Ask Saint Pat" mailbag.

Good morning,

I just saw something you wrote on father jake's blogspot and you said you would answer questions. Here's one for you. I moved to Ct. 2 years ago after living in NYC for 25 years.

I attended, from time to time, St. Thomas Church on 5th Avenue and felt very comfortable there. It is a big church, but had a diverse group of people and that's what I like.

I now live in Litchfield County, Connecticut and am looking for an Episcopalian church here that leans towards the "liberal" side of things a bit. Do you know of any? Is there any way to find this out aside from going and attending services?

Thank you,

Come on, troops! We're counting on you! It can't be hard to find a liberal parish in Connecticut, can it?


Lois Keen said...

Dear Pat and Amy,
I'm a new priest in CT, in Fairfield County, Norwalk, so I'm too far away to help. But Trinity Limerock is on the start/finish line of Limerock International Speedway, for what that's worth. Seriously, CT is pretty liberal, notwithstanding our "Connecticut Six" fame. I hope there's someone out there who can help better than I can. What town are you in?
revLois Keen

Caminante said...

Amy should not go to Christ Church, Watertown, because it is one of the CT six. I don't know if this is still the case but in the past couple of years the parish in Waterbury (whose name I can't remember, Saint John's?) was fairly liberal with a fiesty priest. It really depends where in Litchfield county Amy lives. Ellen Turitzen is rector of a congregation somewhere around up there, Torrington, I think, and she is a good solid priest.

Lois, welcome to my former diocese (where I grew up).